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The Beautiful - Illustrations for Fashion and Style

The Beautiful - Illustrations for Fashion and Style

The Beautiful - Illustrations for Fashion and Style

Editor: Anneke Krull

In the summer of 2010, when I just started this illustration blog, I was committed to become the editor of the (fashion) illustration book "The Beautiful - Illustrations for Fashion and Style" for Gestalten Publishers. I selected the work of 100 of today’s trendiest and most promising fashion and lifestyle illustrators. Lucky me!

About This Book:

Illustration is one of today’s fastest growing creative disciplines. Its versatility has made it a key visual element in fashion, lifestyle, editorial design, and advertising. Illustrations depict and enrich content in magazines and other publications. They help advertisers to address target audiences more precisely. Illustration appears more and more frequently in fashion and packaging design, and the combination of illustration and photography has resulted in a new, more complex visual language.

The Beautiful presents the work of 100 of today’s most sought-after illustrators in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, editorial design, and commercial illustration. These include Autumn Whitehurst, Cecilia Carlstedt, Daniel Egneus, Ed Tsuwaki, Gabriel Moreno, James Dignan, Jenny Mörtsell, Jules Julien, Julie Verhoeven, Kareem Iliya, Lina Bodén, Linn Olofsdotter, Liselotte Watkins, Makiko Sugawa, Margot Macé, My Dead Pony, Piet Paris, Ricardo Fumanal, Sara Singh, Stina Persson, Tina Berning, and Will Broome.

"The book was compiled by Anneke Krull, who has established herself as a respected developer, designer and art director of a variety of fashion magazines over the last ten years. "


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"Exceptionally beautiful - Parka"

"Most fashion design books to me are abstract, at least those that I've seen. I wasn't expecting much from this book until I flipped to the first page. And I was blown away. Wow. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful. I found myself turning the pages really slowly, admiring the artwork presented.Most of the work featured are traditional or created to look that way. They have a very nice textural feel to them. There are a lot of beautiful ink washes, line art and lots of other styles. 100 artists are featured in this 224-page paperback. The illustrations are rendered at great detail and printed huge on non-glossy art paper. They should have released a hardcover edition for this but I won't say the paperback construction is bad -- it is very good."

"I highly recommended this book to fashion and lifestyle art lovers, or anyone who loves good art."

"The Beautiful is truly beautiful."

"Beautiful book for beautiful things - Katie Sullivan"

"Finally a book that compiles beautiful fashion illustrations of today, not yesterday. I was pretty excited to see artists that I adore, like Hope Gangloff, Gabriel Moreno and Autumn Whitehurst, featured in the book, but the real treat was seeing some of the amazing art from lesser-known artists working with just ballpoint and dripping watercolors. Pretty inspiring! Though I agree with the other reviewer that I would have liked to have seen the book printed on a true glossy with a hard-cover, may have done more justice to the gorgeous images in the book."

"In a word... Delicious - Kalos Nuchta"

"This book is both glorious eye candy and food for the imagination. Whether you're an aspiring artist in search of inspiration or a collector of fine art books, this is a must. Buy it. It's that simple. "

"This book is really good of references - MariY"

"Whenever you need inspirations, take a look at this book, and you will always find something new/interesting, that catches your eyes"

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