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10 Questions with Hélène Cayre

10 Questions with Hélène Cayre


This friday we are interviewing french artists Hélène Cayre. Her expressive realistic girls look like they can get off the paper any time! We love it! 

1 Hi Helene, tell us something about yourself. 

Hi, my name is Helene, I am an artist and illustrator from France. I’m living near Paris, the city of my dreams, but I was born in a small village in the countryside of South West of France. I always loved drawing women since I was a little girl! Living in such small a town ment that I did not believe that painting was a job, just a dream that I red in books. So today, everyday I’m grateful for living my dream and everyday I’m working on it !


2. How did you get started as an illustrator? 

I got a a bachelor's degree in applied arts, then I spent  four more years to study graphic design. I did not really intend to be an illustrator, because my parents said ok you can do art studies but you also need to get a real job :) 

So I worked as a graphic designer for websites for 4 years, but the lack of creativity and the computer work made me bored more and more. One night I went home and I started to draw without thinking, finding my old pencils made me feel so good that I could not stop since! For a period I did these 2 jobs, my first clients found me, such a great feeling !

A year after, my company sank, i was fired because of economic restriction, so I thought it was the right time to get started as freelance illustration ! It was 5 years ago. Now I’m working as full time illustrator, living my dream everyday  !


3. How would you describe your style? 

My style is feminine, soft and expressive with a big touch of fashion. I wish my illustrations are both classical and modern. I love to draw in black and white, with some details highlighted by color. More than drawing beautiful portraits, I want to draw the expression of human face, I want people who see the illustration to connect with the soul of the model. My drawings seems to be more and more full of details, they are no more simple portraits but tell a largest story.


4. What’s your technical/creative process?

When I get the inspiration and the story I want to tell, everything starts with a quick sketch to place every single element. When it’s ok, I draw it properly on paper with pencils, always starting with the elements which seem hard to draw for me,  generally I finish with the hair because that relaxes me. I paint color details with watercolors, colored pencils, ballpoint and recently i started acrylics .


5. Who or what inspires you and your work?

Generally, I am looking for an expression of someone that inspires me and I love to draw. Then I add high fashion clothes, plants, flowers, tattoos, whatever that make this expression stronger and so I draw this story. But it can be the opposite, I can be inspired by a gorgeous high fashion dress, and I start from there.

It can also be inspired by a painting in a museum ( i admire a lot of classics painters ) , a movie,  music, someone in the bus, on Instagram, fashion magazines or just a color in the sky ....  Hard to explain from where inspiration comes.


6. Which brands do you work for or do you love to work for?

I worked for L’oreal, Bourjois, the BodyShop, Neutrogena, Wella, Babyliss, the french Elle magazine... and I really enjoyed it, but i like to work also for little brand as Adéli Paris ( french headbands) or recently for a new scarf brand Feliae (launch in May) because they really believe in me and give me all the freedom I want, ant that is priceless !

ALICE copie.jpg

7. What is your favorite thing in the world to illustrate?

Faces and expression of mostly women inspires me because there is a whole world to discover in a face expression, especially in the eyes even if they are closed.

8. Name 3 things you can't live without?

Love, new challenges and drawing of course :)


9. Any new creative plans for 2018? expositions? books? collaborations?

My big, big dream would be to be exposing so I don’t know if it will happen one day, but this year I’m working on it, to get ready to contact galleries with some new works that has been in my head for a long time , I can’t tell more ;-).... we never know what the future holds, but I know you have to work for it.


10. Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists?

"Work, work, work ! Everyday ! Be confident and work ! Nothing falls from the sky by magic ! Listen to yourself, don’t be afraid and practice. Nobody wakes up in the morning suddenly be an awesome artist, do not get discouraged and work ! The worst regret you could have is not having really tried!"

Thank you Helene!


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